Jamie with his Chamonix View Camera

Welcome and thank you for visiting these galleries of fine-art photographs.

I am an award winning large-format film photographer based in western New York who loves the wild lands of North and South America. Since moving to the eastern United States from Utah during the summer of 2007, my photography has changed in subtle ways to mesh with the new landscape.  No longer do I seek out the grand vistas and high contrast light that characterize many places in my previous home in the west.  My landscapes are now more intimate, taking advantage of the soft light and subtle details of the eastern landscape.  In addition, the older architecture of western New York has inspired an expanding interest in town scenes, historic buildings, and cemeteries.  I look forward to continuing to explore and document the wild and not-so-wild environs of my new home.

Each photograph is taken with a 4×5-inch large format view camera that is constructed of wood, aluminum and carbon fiber.  Although these cameras are cumbersome and generate many opportunities for mistakes, I find the process of large format photography to be a very satisfying way to capture images.  Since relatively few photographs are made, it requires me to be more contemplative in my approach in preserving the unique beauty of each scene.  Ultimately, the lengthy process of large format photography is worth the effort; the amount of information that can be preserved on large sheets of film allows details of an image to be recorded with unequaled clarity, tone range, and depth, more truly representing the beauty of the subject.

Stillness show statement:

People venture into the wilderness for many reasons; adventure, escape, or even business.  But, the most gratifying aspect of wilderness is the stillness it provides for anyone who is willing to receive it.  The resulting experience is the peace and solace that occurs when one is quiet and calm.  Without the distractions of the human world, a person can truly be still.  With this stillness the powers of observation are heightened and a new world unfolds before one’s eyes.  

I hope to convey this stillness, this solace and sense of calm in my photographs so the viewer may experience the peaceful places that I enjoy. 

Being in the Moment show statement:

The intersection of beauty, light, meditation, inspiration, and expression means moments like no other.  These are moments when nothing matters except for changing light or the sound of free-flowing water; moments when nothing exists outside the projected image on the ground glass of my camera.   These are the times I cherish most, when everything comes together to form an image that can bring me back to the place it was created.  

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